I Quit Sugar Advice

Change your relationship with food. Benefits of quitting sugar:

  • Learn new recipes and cooking skills.​
  • Discover how to take control of your health.​
  • Better concentration.​
  • Increased energy.​
  • Clearer skin.​
  • Weight loss.​
  • Better sleep.​
  • Improved moods.​
  • Balanced hormones.​

"In January 2011 I quit sugar. It started as a gentle experiment, but my energy, skin and wellness changed so dramatically, I kept going. Inspired by my own personal experience, I designed the 8-Week Program to set you up with the skills and knowledge for everyday life, so you can stay sugar free long after you complete the Program." - Sarah Wilson

What you get on the Program

  • 8 weeks of Meal Plans and Shopping Lists.
  • Over 90 exclusive member-only recipes.
  • Community forums and weekly emails to keep you on track.
  • Access to more than 30 IQS Experts to mentor you as you quit sugar.
  • Weekly motivational videos from Sarah.
  • 94% of 8WP Graduates would recommend the Program.

How the Program Works

Each day on the 8-Week Program, we’ll unlock new content, recipes, tips and techniques to help you quit sugar. Here’s what a week on the Program looks like:

  • Thursday- YOUR INFO FOR THE WEEK. Meal Plan, Shopping List, Sunday Cook-Up and Movement Plan.
  • Friday - WEEKEND READ. A wealth of info to get up-to-date on all the science, research and facts surrounding sugar.
  • Saturday - GO SHOPPING!. Grab your Shopping List and head to the farmers’ markets or grocery shop.
  • Sunday - SUNDAY COOK-UP. Get prepared for the week ahead with some simple prep.
  • Monday - TRY THIS. Helpful tips and tasks to stay on track.
  • Tuesday - TUESDAY EATS. Clever food ideas and tricks.
  • Wednesday - SARAH'S WRAP-UP. Bonus videos, info and advice as you cut out sugar.

Learn more here: iquitsugar.com/8-week-program


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